April Expenses- $825.80

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for April.

















This was a good month being slightly under a $10,000 a year budget.  My food expense was a little high since this figure is only for lunches and snacks.  I need to cut back on the fast food and junk food.  Entertainment was high since I spent $80 on gambling.

My expenses for this should go down if I go on my hike.  If I don’t hike my expenses will likely go up this month.  I’d like to hike but I have an opportunity to make good money over the next couple months.  If that opportunity does not come through than I will go hiking.  Either way is pretty good.  I should find out tomorrow if I get the money-making opportunity. If so it will start almost immediately, if not I’ll be leaving for my hike on Monday.

Final Final

I had my final law school final this week. I also picked up my regalia for the graduation ceremony.

These events would have been much more rewarding if I didn’t still have to finish my R&W. You are probably getting tired of me complaining about my R&W but I have to finish it next week so you will not be hearing about it much longer.

Last Class Ever

Thursday was my last class ever of law school. I need to take two finals and finish my r&w and I will be done. My finals are Monday and Thursday of next week so I’ll be done with those in April. One of my finals is in a pass/fail class and I already have enough points to pass even if I get a 0 on the final. No pressure there. My other final I do need to do well on but with it being my only final to study for that won’t be a problem.

Finishing my r&w is going to be my biggest challenge. I need to write 30 pages and I have about 1 now. I’ve done all the research and have lots of notes but I keep finding ways to procrastinate on the actual writing. I have until 3 weeks after finals to finish. Since I’m leaving on my hike May 11 though I really need to have it done by then. This is doable but I need to put my nose to the grindstone these next couple of weeks.

Had Second Court Hearing Yesterday

The court hearing for my second case was yesterday.  This one went much more smoothly than the prior one and everything was resolved as planned.  I was still very nervous and have plenty of room for improvement but I got the job done.  The nice thing is that I am now basically finished with my law clinic.  I just have to send out a couple closing letters and I am done.

Now I need to concentrate on finishing my research and writing project.  I have about 20 of 30 pages done.  That sounds like I am pretty close to finishing but the 20 pages I have done are very rough and will need a lot of revision.  I might be skipping a day of posting here and there until I have the paper finished.  This is the only thing I need to worry about for meeting graduation requirements so I need to concentrate on it now.

Had Court Hearing Yesterday

I had my first court hearing yesterday for one of the cases from my law school clinic.   Things didn’t go real smoothly but that was due to unanticipated events which I’m guessing happens often.  We were able to get at least part of what our client needed done.  I think I did fine and my supervising attorney was pleased with my performance. I was much more nervous anticipating this hearing than actually doing it.

Now that I have this hearing done I get to have another one next Friday and then I will probably be done for the semester.  I feel more confident about this one.  I’m still not sure that I’ll sit for the bar but now I can truthfully say I was a practicing attorney with court experience.