April Expenses- $825.80

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for April.

















This was a good month being slightly under a $10,000 a year budget.  My food expense was a little high since this figure is only for lunches and snacks.  I need to cut back on the fast food and junk food.  Entertainment was high since I spent $80 on gambling.

My expenses for this should go down if I go on my hike.  If I don’t hike my expenses will likely go up this month.  I’d like to hike but I have an opportunity to make good money over the next couple months.  If that opportunity does not come through than I will go hiking.  Either way is pretty good.  I should find out tomorrow if I get the money-making opportunity. If so it will start almost immediately, if not I’ll be leaving for my hike on Monday.

5 thoughts on “April Expenses- $825.80”

    • My “rent” is included in the household expenses. My health insurance is included in the medical/dental expense. I don’t have a car thus no auto expense.

  1. Whoah– talk about the Power of Small! Less than $60 a month on food and you need to cut back? I’m pretty amazed at this figure and I would love to take a peek at your grocery list. Maybe it’s because I am a food blogger and I happen to have a very hungry husband, but my food costs are way higher and I cook all my meals at home. What’s your secret?


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