April Income – $421.42

Here is a breakdown of my income for April.

Bank Bonus$150
Amazon Merch/KDP$9.04
Mystery Shop$44
Door Dash$35.23

April was not a great month for income.

Dividend income came in at $19.13.

Interest income was $134.09. This is down a bit since I had some of the money invested in a t-bill and a cd that will mature and pay interest this month.

I made $35.23 from Door Dash. It isn’t a big earner in my area. but it is at least some income until I get a regular job again.

My earnings from Amazon Merch totaled $9.04.

I made $29.93 from surveys.

I made $150 from some small bank bonuses.

Lastly, I made $44 from mystery shops.

I am hoping for a much better income month this month. It won’t take much to improve on April.

How was your month?

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