File Taxes Online for Free with IRS Free File

I really thought I had previously posted about this, but it appears I haven’t. It is a little late to be posting this year since most people have probably already filed their taxes. I’m going ahead and posting this so I can update it and post a reminder post each year.

Through the IRS Free File program, leading tax software providers make their online products available for free. IRS Free File online products are available to any taxpayer or family who earned $72,000 or less in 2020.  That covers about 70% of the population.

I used the Free File service this year to file my taxes and family member’s taxes. Using the IRS Free File Online look up tool I was easily able to find programs allowing me to file both my federal and state taxes for free. Once you have accessed the software provider through the Free File link, you use the software the same way a paying customer would use it.

Here’s a step-by-step overview of how to find the right Free File product:

  1. Go to
  2. Use the “Free File Online Look up” tool for help in finding the right product, or
  3. Review each offer by a provider by using the ‘Browse All Offers’ tool.
  4. Select a product.
  5. Follow links to the provider’s website to begin.

For most people there is no reason to pay to file your taxes.

Up to $310 Sofi Personal Loan Bonus

Sofi is up to $310 in bonuses when you take out a Sofi personal loan. You get $10 for checking your rate and $300 if you fund your loan and I’ll get a bonus too. If you need a personal loan you might as well check out what Sofi has to offer and get the $10 bonus.

To be eligible for a SoFi loan, you must be a US citizen, permanent resident or visa holder (E-2, E-3, H-1B, J-1, L-1, or O-1) 18 years or older, and reside in one of our eligible states. If you are a permanent resident, you must be able to show an image or scan of your permanent residency card (Green Card) and your Green Card must have a total validity (from issuance to expiry) of more than 2 years. If you are a visa holder, you must be able to show an image or scan of your valid visa and proof of an approved application for a Green Card, including either an I-140 approval notice (Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker), or receipt or approval of an I-485 (Application for application to register permanent Residence). Loan eligibility also depends on a number of additional factors, such as a responsible financial history, credit score, your monthly income vs. expenses, and professional experience

Check out your loan options with SoFi. Learn more and use my link to apply for a SoFi Personal Loan and you can get a $310 welcome bonus:

Discover $50 Sign Up Bonus

If you sign up for a new Discover card using my Discover referral link you will get a $50 sign up bonus after making a purchase that posts to your account within three months after opening. The $50 will post as a statement credit. I’ll receive a bonus for referring you as well.

The thing I like best about my Discover card is their 5% cash back categories that change each quarter. You can earn 5% cash back on up to $1500 of purchases each quarter which comes out to $75 cash back a quarter. You still earn 1% cash back on your other purchases. The cash back categories for the current quarter are and which are pretty easy categories to earn cash back on for most people. I’ve earned well over $100 cash back from my Discover card this year which is a great deal for a card with no annual fee.

If you don’t already have a Discover card consider getting one with my Discover referral link to get a $50 bonus and opportunities to earn more cash back throughout the year.

Webull 4 Free Stocks Sign Up Bonus

You can get up to 4 free stocks from the Webull trading app when you sign up using my referral link and deposit at least $100 within 30 days.

Webull is a popular brokerage account, similar to Robinhood, that is offering free stocks to entice you to sign up and use their app.

You will get 2 free stocks after opening a Webull account using my referral link and another 2 stocks after making a deposit to your account of $100 or more within the first 30 days.

Your first 2 stocks will have a value between $2.50 to $250 and the second 2 stocks will have a value between $8 to $1600. Of course, you are much more likely to receive stocks that are valued at the bottom end of the range then the top end. Even getting stocks at the lower end of the range is a good deal though.

Opening and funding an account should only take about 15 minutes so getting 4 free stocks is a good return on your time. I will also get free stocks for referring you and after you’ve signed up you can get free stocks for referring others as well.

Webull Referral Link

Dosh Review and Referral Bonus

Dosh is a card linked app that allows you to earn cash back automatically at many different merchants. The great thing about it being card linked is that it allows you to stack the Dosh cash back with portal cash back. For some merchants the purchase can be made in store or online. Once you link your card you will automatically earn cash back when you use your linked card at a participating merchant. I’ve linked my Chase Ink card to earn 2% cash back from Dosh when I shop at Office Depot in addition to the 5% I get back from Chase plus whatever cash back I can get from a shopping portal if I’m making an online purchase.

Once you earn a $25 minimum Dosh Wallet balance in your account, you can transfer your funds to your PayPal, bank accounts, or donate it to charity. I’ve already cashed out once from Dosh and it was an easy and quick process.

Download the Dosh app and add at least 1 credit or debit card to earn a signup bonus when using my referral code or referral link. My referral code is DAVIDH541. Enter that as the promo code when signing up. Or use this referral link and the code should automatically be applied.

Let me know if you have any questions about the Dosh app.