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If you are looking for a few ways to make easy money or save a little money and help support this site then this is the page for you.  All of these are products or services that I have used myself. These are mostly referral or affiliate links which means I’ll make some money when you sign up as well. All money I make from this page and this blog will go towards paying my student loans. I’ve got six figures of student loans so every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated. These links do occasionally expire so if a link isn’t working please let me know and I will update it and/or send you a referral link directly.

Cash Back Portals – To earn the sign up bonus there is usually a minimum spend requirement or other conditions required to qualify for the bonus. Make sure you read the terms and conditions so you don’t miss out on getting the bonus. Even if the portal is currently offering a sign up bonus they can be a good way to get cash back on online purchases you were going to make anyway.

BeFrugal – Currently offering a $10 sign up bonus.

Ebates – Currently offering a $10 sign up bonus.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Mr. Rebates – No sign up bonus currently.

Mr. Rebates

Top Cashback – No sign up bonus currently.

Swagbucks – Currently offering a 300 SB sign up bonus which is worth $3 towards a gift card.

Travel Bonuses

Airbnb – After signing up, your will receive $35 off of your first trip of $75 or more. I’ll receive a $20 credit once you complete your first trip.

Google Fi – This is what I use for my phone service. It is cheap and works internationally. It is $20 a month for unlimited domestic talk and text.  Data cost $10 a GB in the U.S. or abroad. My monthly bill with taxes and fees usually comes to about $25.


Bluehost Web Hosting – This is the company I use to host this blog. Things have gone smooth with them so far. You won’t get a bonus for signing up, but you will get cheap hosting and I’ll get a little money for referring you.

Robinhood – This is the app I use to dabble in stock investing. If you sign up using my referral link we will both get a free share of stock once your application is approved.

You can email me at this blog’s name at if you have any questions or want a link emailed directly to you.