How I Saved Over 50% on Airbnb in London

by Andy Hough on April 26, 2017

During our Paris trip next month we are going to make a two night side trip to London. My girlfriend’s mother will be vacationing in London at the same time we will be in London and we thought it would be really cool to take the train from Paris to London and visit her for a couple days. Since neither of us has ever been to London before the visit will allow us to see her mom and sample a tiny bit of London. Her mother is traveling with a friend who has a relative in London and they will be staying in the relative’s apartment. We wanted to stay somewhere close by and Airbnb places were much closer than any hotels. Airbnb also had the advantage of being much cheaper than any of the hotels.

Of course, being a tight fisted miser I wanted to get the Airbnb even cheaper. We were able to stack a couple of discounts to get our Airbnb stay for almost 50% off. Our first discount came from buying Airbnb gift cards on sale at eBay. They had a promotion selling $50 gift cards for $40. That is a sweet 20% discount. There was a purchase limit of 1 so my girlfriend and I each bought one card. Although I haven’t seen a sale on the Airbnb gift cards lately, since they were on sale a few times during the holidays I believe they will go on sale again. I’ll be keeping my eye out for more discounted Airbnb cards. You can periodically check the discount gift cards on eBay (affiliate link) to see if they are on sale. While you are there you might find some other good gift card deals.

In addition to the discount gift cards I received a $40 travel credit for signing up through a referral link. Since our Airbnb stay totaled $101 that amounted to a savings of almost 40%. Here is how the final math worked out. Our Airbnb room costs $45 a night. That is super cheap because the couple we are staying with are new hosts. Their place looks great and it is in a great location with a view of the Thames. Combining that with the low price I felt it was well worth taking a risk on new hosts. There was also an $11 service fee making the total $101 for the stay. Applying the travel credit brought our cost down to $61. We paid the $61 with the discounted gift cards getting us 20% off the $61. That made our grant total out of pocket $48.80 for two nights in a beautiful room in London. I consider that to be a fantastic deal.

You can get a great Airbnb deal as well. If you sign up through my Airbnb referral link you can get $40 off of your first stay and I’ll get $20 travel credit for referring you.


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