Some Photos from Bruges

by Andy Hough on August 16, 2017

Since I haven’t shared much from my three weeks in Europe earlier this year, and also because I’m feeling to lazy to write a proper post, I thought I would share some photos from one of the cities I visited while in Europe. I was in Bruges for three nights, which was about the right amount of time for me. There was stuff I didn’t see. That was more due to me not knowing everything to see rather than a lack of time though.

This first photo is from a windmill in a park not too far from the hostel I stayed at. Bruges is in the Ductch region of Belgium, so I guess that is why they have windmills like you would expect to find in Holland.




This is Markt Square which is the main square in Bruges. Most of the tourist stuff is in this area.
This is Burg Square which has a couple more historic sites.
This is the Basilica of the Holy Blood. It is on the corner of Burg Square. It’s main attraction is a sacred vial that is said to contain blood from Jesus Christ. It is also a pretty cool looking old church. Admission is free. Donations are accepted.

The top photo is me in front of the famous Bruges Belfry. I have to admit I’d never heard of the belfry or Bruges, until seeing the movie, “In Bruges.” The bottom photo is the view from the belfry. It was about $10 to climb the belfry tower. In the movie, “In Bruges” a fat, American tourist has a heart attack climbing the stairs to the top of the tower. I was able to avoid that fate. There are several landings with little rooms off of them during the climb so you can stop and rest to keep from getting too overexerted and actually having a heart attack.

That is some of what Bruges has to offer. I think it was well worth the visit.


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