June Expenses – $1112.94

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for June.


June’s expenses were very reasonable. I traveled to Thailand and brought my wife to the U.S., but most of those costs were paid in May.

Entertainment expense was for one month Amazon Prime subscription, a lottery ticket, a visit to the movies with soda and popcorn, and a KFC dinner for my wife’s family.

My transportation expense consisted of $105.80 for gas.

My food expense was $268.77. That is divided between $146.58 for groceries and $122.19 for restaurants. Since my wife is now living with me this will probably be about the new average.

Travel expense was $63.26 for airfare, $60.15 for a seat fee, and $80.61 for four hotel nights. I also spent $53.82 for various shuttles and taxis.

Utilities came in at $281.27. This was for electric in the U.S., internet in the U.S. and three months of trash service. This amount will be a little lower this month since I won’t have to pay for trash service.

The household expense was for a haircut, toilet paper, water filters, soap, lotion, and various other items.

I spent $0 on visa related expenses. We will start the visa process for my stepdaughter so I might have a visa expense again this month depending on how far I get in the process.

I spent $93.60 buying my wife a new phone and one month of service.

This month’s expenses will probably be a little higher. How was your month?

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