Final Final

I had my final law school final this week. I also picked up my regalia for the graduation ceremony.

These events would have been much more rewarding if I didn’t still have to finish my R&W. You are probably getting tired of me complaining about my R&W but I have to finish it next week so you will not be hearing about it much longer.

Last Class Ever

Thursday was my last class ever of law school. I need to take two finals and finish my r&w and I will be done. My finals are Monday and Thursday of next week so I’ll be done with those in April. One of my finals is in a pass/fail class and I already have enough points to pass even if I get a 0 on the final. No pressure there. My other final I do need to do well on but with it being my only final to study for that won’t be a problem.

Finishing my r&w is going to be my biggest challenge. I need to write 30 pages and I have about 1 now. I’ve done all the research and have lots of notes but I keep finding ways to procrastinate on the actual writing. I have until 3 weeks after finals to finish. Since I’m leaving on my hike May 11 though I really need to have it done by then. This is doable but I need to put my nose to the grindstone these next couple of weeks.

The Research and Writing Requirement

In order to graduate my school has a research and writing requirement that can be satisfied by the completion of a 30 page paper. Most schools have a similar requirement. It is actually an ABA requirement that law students must take at least one course as a 2L or 3L that requires the writing of a paper for credit.

As with most things in law school I have procrastinated in fulfilling this requirement. This is my last semester though so I can’t put it off any longer. I’ll have to write thirty pages over the next two months which I’m not looking forward to. I like writing in general but not legal writing. I plan on working on it an hour at a time and it will eventually get done.

For any of you current or soon to be law students I would advise starting your R&W before your last semester or at least starting on it promptly at the beginning of your last semester.