Graduation Pictures




I have uploaded some pictures from my graduation. The first picture is of me being hooded by the Dean of the law school. The second picture is me receiving my degree. The last picture is me holding my degree. It actually is just a folder that says if I have met the degree requirements my degree will be available for pick up later this summer.

I do look pretty fat in these pictures. That is probably because I am fat. By the end of the year I should look (and be) much thinner.

Final Final

I had my final law school final this week. I also picked up my regalia for the graduation ceremony.

These events would have been much more rewarding if I didn’t still have to finish my R&W. You are probably getting tired of me complaining about my R&W but I have to finish it next week so you will not be hearing about it much longer.

April is My Last Month of Law School

I checked out my final exam schedule earlier this week and received a pleasant surprise.  Our final exam schedule runs from April 27-May 8 but both of my final exams are in April.  That means next month is my last month of law school.   My graduation isn’t until May 9 and I don’t leave for my hike until May 11 so I’ll have plenty of free time at the beginning of May.  I do still have to finish my R&W but I should be close to finishing by then.

Final Semester Over Halfway Done

I have passed the halfway point of my final semester of law school.  I wish I could say I am getting excited about getting my degree but I’m just looking forward to being done with law school.  At this point I just want it to be over with.  We did have our grad fair this week which made me feel like the end was getting somewhat closer.  I had to pay $60 to rent a cap, gown, and hood for the graduation ceremony.  I probably wouldn’t even walk but I know my mother and others are looking forward to it.  After I graduate though I’m going to start doing things more for me and less for others.