July Expenses – $1311.23

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for July.













Wedding $334.21



My expenses were up slightly from the previous month. This was mainly because I had $334.21 of wedding/honeymoon expenses.  I ended up spending a total of  about $1100 for the wedding and honeymoon.  DW probably spent about $200.  I think that is a pretty good deal.  There won’t be any wedding or honeymoon expenses this month so my total expenses will be down.  We are having a wedding reception this Saturday but the total cost of that is about $200 and my mother is covering that expense.

My transportation expense was much higher than I would prefer but that is mainly due to driving a lot for mystery shops.  Since I am now working a regular job I will be cutting back on the mystery shops and I should be spending a lot less in gas.  I might need to get some tires and other work done on the car though which would keep my transportation expense high again this month.

I spent way too much on food considering DW buys most of the groceries and I had lots of fast food mystery shops.  I need to cut back on the fast food and junk food purchases.

Everything else will probably remain about the same this month.

4 thoughts on “July Expenses – $1311.23”

  1. So how’d you do in Vegas? Is that included in your “entertainment” column? I’m headed there in a week and a half for a mystery shopping conference. Since I really enjoy gambling it will be hard to contain.

    Good to see you back posting again. I’ve been struggling to stay on the “frugal wagon.”

    • The gambling didn’t go well but I didn’t do too much. Since I had all my meals comped while I was there and got 4 free show tickets I figure I came out well ahead. I used to include gambling in my entertainment column but this year I have left it out of my income and expense tracking. It shouldn’t affect my overall figures much.

      I saw there was going to be a mystery shopping conference in Vegas but I couldn’t justify going. I might have three nights at the Rio comped in December, if so I will probably make another Vegas trip then.

  2. How did you get away with $334.00 for wedding expenses? Please tell me that you had alot of gift money or I will be jealous as anything. Did you pay for expenses in advance? That is great.

    • We had an extremely small wedding in a Las Vegas chapel. The cost was $150 for the chapel, $60 for the license, $80 for the minister, $40 for the limo, and $30 for pictures. My wife covered some of that expense. The total above also includes some honeymoon expenses, the hotel and air were paid for in May and are not included in the above total.


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