July Income – $1519.91

Here is a breakdown of my income for July.

Online Income




Stock Dividends


Mystery Shops


Bank Bonuses






It was a good month for income.  My online income was my best ever.  Making a $1000 in a month has been a goal of mine for a while but I don’t think I’ve even made it over $800 before.  One of the reasons my online income was higher in July was because I had a couple of months of affiliate income owed to me that finally arrived.  Most of the increase was from the direct sale of links.   There was a large increase in people contacting me wanting to purchase links on one of my sites.   Most of the income was from links paid for a year upfront.  There are also a couple of links that pay monthly and a couple more people I’m still negotiating with so I will still make at least a little from selling links this month.  I doubt I will make a $1000 again this month but I should make at least $600 which I am pretty happy with.

Mystery shopping income will go down because I have a regular job now and won’t have as much time for mystery shopping.  Some of the shops I did last month won’t pay me until this month though so I should make at least $200 from mystery shops this month.

My new job is working for a non-profit and it doesn’t pay much but it should still cause my total income to increase over last month. Although if I could count on making $1500 a month every month without a job I wouldn’t worry about a job and just concentrate on increasing my alternative sources of income.   It would be nice to have all my money come from alternative income and passive income but that might take a while.

4 thoughts on “July Income – $1519.91”

    • Do a search on my site and you will find out more about mystery shopping. Also check out Volition.com for more information.

      The $1000 wasn’t entirely passive but it was a nice addition. Now I just need some regular income so I can bank the passive income.

  1. Love your site. Interesting breakdown of income. I’m doing the same trying to get my revenue up from links and affiliate marketing. Do you have any suggestions on how to increase my income though marketing? Thanks 😀

    • I am no expert on affiliate marketing. Most of my limited success has come from trial and error. I might do a series on affiliate marketing later this year. My plan is to show an affiliate marketing campaign step-by-step and hope that is a successful campaign. It should be a learning experience for both me and my readers.

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