February Expenses- $919.01

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for February.

Household $423.62
Transportation $43.53
Food $29.56
Entertainment $102.49
Debt/Education $83.00
Phone $33.99
Medical/Dental $61.66
Income Tax $141.16
Total $919.01

My expenses were up a little from the previous month mainly because I had to pay self-employment tax when I filed my federal tax return. My transportation bill should go down this month since last month’s total includes gas I bought for an out of town trip and we don’t have any long trips planned this month. I plan on buying my plane tickets this month which will cause my entertainment and overall expenses to spike this month. My other expenses should be about the same. Note that the food amount is only for lunches and snacks that I purchased away from home. I’m on track for my goal of only having $10,000 in expenses this year considering that my expenses will be drastically reduced when I am hiking.

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