February 2009 Goal Review

At the end of every month I will be posting on how I am progressing towards my yearly goals.

My first goal was to increase my passive income. I didn’t do well on that goal this month. I did reinvest some dividends in more stock but GE slashed their dividend which results in a net reduction of dividends due this year. I’m planning to work on some different sources of passive income this month.

My second goal was to lose thirty pounds. I really sucked on my progress towards this goal this month. I gained weight and now weigh 219.2 which is my highest weight ever. I know I’ll lose a lot of weight on my hike but it would be good to be in decent shape before I start hiking. The weather should improve this month and I’ll start running more when it is nice outside. Improving my diet would probably be even more beneficial than exercise though. I’m going to work on that as well.

My third goal is to increase my subscriber count to 500 subscribers. The subscriber count has been around 350 lately. At this rate I should have no problem meeting the 500 subscribers goal.

This wasn’t a good month for making progress towards my goals. There is still plenty of time to fix that and I plan to substantially improve my progress this month. Check back at the end of the month and we’ll see how I did.

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