September Income – $385.07

Here is a breakdown of my income for September.

Online Income




Stock Dividends






September was not a good month for income.  This isn’t too surprising since I was traveling for most of the month.  On the positive side $385.07 isn’t bad income since most of it was passive income.  I’ve already passed September’s income this month so October should be a much better month for income.

August 2009 Goal Review

It is the end of the month and time once again for my monthly goal review.

My first goal is to increase my passive income. I didn’t do anything substantial toward this goal this month. I did reinvest some dividends but I need to do a lot more than that if I want to make a noticeable increase in my passive income. Passive Family Income’s eHow 100 Article Challenge has produced some good results for him and I’m thinking of making a similar challenge for myself in September.

My second goal is to lose weight. I made progress on this goal since my weight dropped from 225 to 221. I’m not happy with this result though because my weight was down to 215 at one point this month. My goal is to weigh 180 pounds by the end of the year. This means I need to lose 10 1/4 a month for the next four months. In the past I’ve lost 10 pounds a month in Guatemala without trying. I’m hoping that is still the case. Once I return from Guatemala though I will have all the Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts to contend with. It would probably be best to lose all the weight while I’m in Guatemala. At the end of next month I’ll know whether that is a reasonable goal.

My third goal is to increase the number of RSS subscribers to this blog to 500. I had a high of 448 subscribers this month up from 430 the month before. I’m making steady progress toward this goal but I need to increase my rate of progress if I’m going to reach my goal by the end of the year.

I made progress on two out of three goals this month. That is what I expected before this month started. Since I came back early from my hiking trip though I should have made some progress on the passive income goal as well. In September I should hit all three goals.

June Income – $3221.68

Here is a breakdown of my income for June.

Online Income






Stock Dividends




Medical Study


Cash Back




This was a great month for income. Since I’ve started tracking my income this is the first time I’ve made over $3000 in a month. The bulk of that was the $2425 from the medical study but I also made a solid $796.68 from other sources. My online income was a measly $232.83. This might seem ok but I’m on pace to make less online this year than last. The main cause for that is a severe decline in credit card affiliate income this year. Combined with dropping adsense on this site I have a lot of income I need to replace. I am looking at different ways of making extra online income. My experiment for last month didn’t work but I’ll keep trying different things.

I received a $250 check from my credit card company for accumulated rewards. That was nice but since they changed the reward program it doesn’t look like I’ll be receiving a check that big again. It was also a good month for dividends due to how the quarterly payment schedule fell. This month’s income will likely be down since the medical study is ending and I need to pay some taxes out of this month’s check.

Increasing Alternative Income

This ATM's been drinkin
photo credit: joshuaheller
Earlier this week I asked what you would like to read about and one of the topics you wanted to read more about is alternative income. Thursdays will now be dedicated to the topic of alternative income. I have a category for alternative income but haven’t written much on it lately since I haven’t developed any new sources of alternative income. Therefore I will just update you on how I am doing with my current sources of alternative income. Perhaps I will start breaking out passive income from my alternative income as well. Since I don’t have a job all of my income could be considered alternative income depending on how you define the term “alternative income.” To start things off I am going to do something every day next month to increase my alternative income. There will be weekly updates and I will share any new sources of alternative income I discover.

February Income- $721.47

Here is a breakdown of my income for February.

Online Income




Bank/Other Bonuses




Stock Dividends


Cash Back/Mystery Shop


Medical Study




My income for February was down slightly from the month before.  I had a big dropoff in online income but much of that was from increased expenses since I renewed a couple of domain names for three years.  My online income for this month will probably be about the same.

Only one of my stocks had a dividend payable in February.  My dividend income will go up this month since I have several stocks that will be paying dividends.

I won’t have any medical study income this month which will probably result in a lower income total this month.  Hopefully, I can replace at least some of that income.  Overall, I am pleased with this amount of income since it is all alternative income.  Now if I could make this much in passive income every month I would be really pleased.