March Expenses – $1101.12

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for March.


March’s expenses were quite reasonable.

Entertainment expense was for one month Amazon Prime subscription, one month Hulu, and one month Max.

Rent was $115 for our apartment in Chiang Mai.

My transportation expense consisted of $97.25 for gas.

My food expense was $110.71. That is divided between $33.82 for groceries and $76.89 for restaurants. This is a very low total considering I ate out almost every day. I used the fast-food apps and discounted gift cards to keep my average meal cost low. All but one of my meals during the month cost $3.52 or under.

I paid $46 for a ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and $84.10 in taxes and fees on a ticket from Thailand to Springfield, MO. I’ll probably change the award ticket next month which might result in slightly lower fees. I spent $41 on travel insurance, $40 on a Thai Visa, and $49 for a Motley Fool subscription. I’m considering the subscription a travel expense because I only purchased it for the AA miles and loyalty points I received with the subscription.

Utilities came in at $189.60. This was for electric, trash and internet in the U.S.

The household expense was for one item from Dollar Tree and a gift for my stepdaughter.

I provided $115 of support to my wife.

I spent $94.04 so my wife could fly round-trip from Chiang Mai to Bangkok to get her police certificate. The certificate was needed for her visa application so this is counted as a visa expense.

This month’s expenses will probably be a little higher since I will be traveling to Thailand and I will have some more expenses associated with getting my wife’s visa. How was your month?

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