March Income – $1937.13

Here is a breakdown of my income for March.

Bank Bonus$94
Amazon Merch/KDP$6.52
Stock Sale$77.33
Door Dash$80.92

March was a decent month for income.

Dividend income came in at $19.12.

Interest income was $200.46. Moving my money to a higher earning account paid off. I will try to keep my spare cash invested in T-bills or similar earning accounts to keep my interest earning high.

I received $25 in cash back.

I made $80.92 from Door Dash. It isn’t a big earner in my area. This summer I will try driving in the tourist area that isn’t too far from me and see if that makes doing Door Dash worth it.

My earnings from Amazon Merch and Amazon KDP totaled $6.52.

My job income was $1296.43. Unfortunately, my job ended at the beginning of the month, and I didn’t get any more work. When I get back from Thailand, I will look for more reliable work.

I made $32.13 from eBay sales and $105.22 from surveys.

I made $94 from some small bank bonuses.

Lastly, I made $77.33 from a stock sale. I was going to do an odd lot tender but chickened out. I would have made a lot more money if I had finished the deal.

I would have liked to make more money, but at least it was a little more than I spent for the month. This month I’ll be in Thailand, so I won’t have much income.

How was your month?

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