September Income – $385.07

Here is a breakdown of my income for September.

Online Income




Stock Dividends






September was not a good month for income.  This isn’t too surprising since I was traveling for most of the month.  On the positive side $385.07 isn’t bad income since most of it was passive income.  I’ve already passed September’s income this month so October should be a much better month for income.

2 thoughts on “September Income – $385.07”

  1. Not bad for mostly passive income. Do you include non-cash compensation when you report? For example, you’ve mentioned before that you belong to MyPoints, which offers rewards in the form of gift cards. When you earn a gift card are you reporting its value? Just curious.

    Your online income went down from last month. Why did that happen?

    Thanks for the blog…it inspires me!

    • I don’t include non-cash compensation in this report. I usually make about $20 in gift cards from MyPoints in a year. SwagBucks is where I make the most non-cash compensation though. I haven’t added it up but I probably have made about $200 worth of points from them this year. I should probably start tracking that as well.

      My online income fluctuates from month to month depending on whether I made any affiliate income and other things. I report my income when I receive it rather when it is earned. If I reported income when I earned it my income might be a little smoother since with some companies you have to earn $50-$100 before they will pay.


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