June Income – $3221.68

Here is a breakdown of my income for June.

Online Income






Stock Dividends




Medical Study


Cash Back




This was a great month for income. Since I’ve started tracking my income this is the first time I’ve made over $3000 in a month. The bulk of that was the $2425 from the medical study but I also made a solid $796.68 from other sources. My online income was a measly $232.83. This might seem ok but I’m on pace to make less online this year than last. The main cause for that is a severe decline in credit card affiliate income this year. Combined with dropping adsense on this site I have a lot of income I need to replace. I am looking at different ways of making extra online income. My experiment for last month didn’t work but I’ll keep trying different things.

I received a $250 check from my credit card company for accumulated rewards. That was nice but since they changed the reward program it doesn’t look like I’ll be receiving a check that big again. It was also a good month for dividends due to how the quarterly payment schedule fell. This month’s income will likely be down since the medical study is ending and I need to pay some taxes out of this month’s check.

6 thoughts on “June Income – $3221.68”

    • Dreamer – I haven’t done the math but I think I’m making about a 6-7% average dividend yield. Most of my stocks pay less than than but I’m overly weighted in a few high-yielding dividend stocks. Realty Income (O) is the most notable one.

  1. Is it reasonable to assume that you could do a medical study of such proportions once a month?

    Anyway, even w/o the study, you made about $800 in alternative income, which is not bad.

    • BB – There needs to be at least 30 days between medical studies and most don’t pay as much as this one but doing a study every other month could add up to decent money. That isn’t what I plan to do but it is always available as a backup plan.

  2. I’d be careful with doing many medical studies. I know these are the professionals, etc. etc. but it could still cause undue wear and stress on your system, including unintended side effects. But congrats for making decent income – you’re no longer at at full-time job if I recall, right?

    • MoneyEnergy – The possibility of side effects is a concern but not too big of one. Even doing these studies I take much less medication than the average person. I’m not any prescriptions and rarely take any other medication. I might take a Tylenol or allergy medicine, or whatever once every couple of months. Compare that to many people my age who are on a couple prescriptions and take a Tylenol or something every day. I think the medical studies put me at less risk of side effects than many people’s normal medicine-taking behavior puts them. The recent FDA warning about people overdosing on acetaminophen is an example of this.


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