June Expenses – $1093.06

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for June.

















My expenses this month were higher than my goal of $1000. I also have a goal of having only $10,000 in expenses for the year and my pace so far this year is well in excess of that goal. Things should change in the second half of the year as I have some low cost months hiking and living in Guatemala.

The entertainment expense was high for June because it includes my round-trip ticket to Guatemala. I should probably create a new travel category rather than lumping my travel expenses in the entertainment category because they are inflating my entertainment expenses. I did great on food this month buying just three meals out and a couple of snacks. It helped being in-house for the study the last few days of the month and not having the option of buying any food. That will go up next month as I will be on my own for food the last half of the month.

Transportation expense should go down slightly next month as I won’t be driving half the month. I will have a bus fare though. Medical expense will be about the same since I have a doctor bill to pay. Household expense will go down since I won’t be home half the month. Overall I expect my expenses to go down by about a third this month and even more the next month.

4 thoughts on “June Expenses – $1093.06”

  1. I can’t image how you cannot count your “real food” in the food bill? I am a first time looker at the site, love it, but really medical studies? I’m a nurse and I don’t know about that one! Maybe I’ll send a guest post.

    • Marilyn – For now my food is included in my household expense. That might change later. My GF is a nurse also. I’d love to have a guest post.

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