February Income- $721.47

Here is a breakdown of my income for February.

Online Income




Bank/Other Bonuses




Stock Dividends


Cash Back/Mystery Shop


Medical Study




My income for February was down slightly from the month before.  I had a big dropoff in online income but much of that was from increased expenses since I renewed a couple of domain names for three years.  My online income for this month will probably be about the same.

Only one of my stocks had a dividend payable in February.  My dividend income will go up this month since I have several stocks that will be paying dividends.

I won’t have any medical study income this month which will probably result in a lower income total this month.  Hopefully, I can replace at least some of that income.  Overall, I am pleased with this amount of income since it is all alternative income.  Now if I could make this much in passive income every month I would be really pleased.

2 thoughts on “February Income- $721.47”

    • When I get back I’ll need to start studying for the bar unless I decide not to take it. I’ll get either a part-time or full-time job depending on what I decide. I’d like to just work for myself but I haven’t made enough money to go that route yet. I’ll continue to try to build my self-employment income while I’m working. I don’t plan on working full-time for more than a year though. These plans could change.


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