February Investment Income- $51.69

My investment income for February went down to $51.69 from $53.58 the month before.  With the market continuing to slide my portfolio balances are getting smaller and I expect to have another decline in investment income this month.  I’m not putting any money into my retirement savings now because I prefer to keep my money liquid until I start making more money.  It is unlikely I’ll add any more money to my retirement savings until I return from my hike which will probably be sometime in October.  Until then the only way I’ll see any increase in my investment income is if my portfolio actually regains some value.

Disclaimer:This is not my actual investment income. To get this figure I first add up my retirement accounts, emergency fund, and any other money I consider permanent savings. What the total of my savings would earn at 6% interest for a month is my monthly investment income.

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