Ehow Earnings Update

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photo credit: CLF

I had a guest post at Smart Passive Income yesterday which explained how to increase eHow income with referral links.  I know there are a lot of people interested in using eHow as a passive income stream and  I thought I would update my eHow earnings so far.

Since I wrote that post my earnings for February came to a total of $1.47.  This isn’t much but I haven’t written anything since early December and I wasn’t active on the eHow site during February so this is actually decent for only having 5 articles.  I also received another $25 referral bonus this Monday which makes a total of $75 in bonuses since writing the article. That makes my time spent writing for eHow worthwhile.

I need to write more articles for eHow but I don’t have much time right now.  I’ve read that some people can write an article in twenty minutes but it takes me about an hour.  I also want to do some more research before I write any more articles to increase their potential for earnings.  There are several ebooks by eHow authors on how to make money with eHow but I’m not sure which one to buy if any.  The books may contain good advice but if I don’t get around to writing any articles the advice won’t be of any help.

What ebook on eHow would you recommend?

Living on $10k a Year

My plan for this year is to keep my expenses under $10k and so far I am on target to do that.  Of course there is a lot of time left in the year for something to go wrong.  I was curious how much a $10k a year budget translates to as a daily amount.  My calculations put the daily budget for $10k a year at $27.40 rounded up.  This does not seem like very much money to live on and the daily budget number could be a little intimidating when first making plans to live on a $10k budget.

On the other hand the daily budget number looks great when you look at it from the perspective of how much income you need to make.  I have a goal of making $10k a year in alternative and passive income. Earning an average of $27.40 a day looks pretty easy.  I don’t make that much money from my blogging and alternative income now but the figure certainly seems attainable.  My blogging income from last year would cover about 40% of the days in a year.  My dividend income would cover about half a month.  That puts me close to having half the year covered. I just need to find some additional sources of income and/or increase my current income streams to cover the rest of the year.  I probably won’t reach the $10k level in alternative/passive income this year but the goal is close enough that it seems realistic that I’ll make it in the next few years.  Being able to see progress and knowing I don’t have to wait too long for the payoff should make it easier to stay on track towards my goal of having $10k a year in alternative and passive income.