September Expenses – $1127.59

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for September.

Household $436.08












My September expenses were just slightly higher than I’d prefer.  My expenses were over my stretch goal of $1000, but under my main goal of keeping them under $1274 a month.

I spent $125.39 to replace my automatic window motor and regulator in my car.  Without that I would have been very close to having my expenses under $1000.  I did do the repair myself which kept it from being even more expensive.  I also had to transport my brother almost 200 miles after he was stranded in KC, which increased my gas expenditure a bit.

I was gone about half the month on my hike.  It didn’t really increase my expenses since I slept for free in my car except for two hotel stays that were free with my travel rewards card.  Food was about the same because I eat out a lot whether I’m at home or traveling.  I did keep the cost of food down a little by doing some mystery shops and taking advantage of specials and the dollar menu.

My expenses for October should be about the same.  I do plan on hiking and/or biking some more.  I’ll also be attending the Financial Bloggers Conference.  Those two things will make my expenses a little higher than normal, but since I’ll be doing both on the cheap they won’t make a big difference.

I’m okay with my current level of expenses considering the traveling I’m doing.  I’m hoping I can reduce the expenses some later in the year.

4 thoughts on “September Expenses – $1127.59”

    • There are three of you and only one of me so that is a pretty big difference right there. You are also in a higher cost of living area, considering that your expenses are pretty low.

  1. At least you are able to properly identify the reasons your expenses got a little out of hand this month. But you did come really close to the $1000 monthly limit, but with car repairs sometimes it is difficult to keep those cost under control.


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