September 2013 Month in Review

It has been a while since I’ve posted and I have a few things I want to write about so I’m putting them all in this post. Looking back at what I did during the month should help me see how the month went and help me plan for the coming month.

The main focus of September was hiking the Katy Trail. The entire hike would have taken about a month, but my plan was always to hike just as long as I felt like hiking. It should come as no surprise that I got bored with hiking and returned home last week. I did manage to hike 105 miles of the trail. If I had been traveling in only one direction I would have completed almost half of the trail. I’ll likely return to the trail and finish it by bike or do more hiking at some point. Despite hiking over 100 miles I did not lose any weight. It appears that I can’t exercise enough to overcome my eating. My cardio condition hasn’t improved too much either. It is at least better than when I started and I have figured out my footwear so I no longer get blisters like the one pictured below.


September was a good month for me in regards to sports. I went to a Royals game for the first time in about 20 years which is about how long it has been since they had a decent team. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the game since I’m generally not a fan of being in big crowds. The Chiefs, which are the only sports team I’m a big fan of, have managed to start the season 4-0. The competition has been kinda weak, but this is already double the wins they had all of last season so I’m pretty happy.

I did not do a good job of writing blog posts in September. I went the last couple of weeks without writing anything. Since more practice writing should lead to better writing I need to get into the habit of writing more often. Therefore, I am setting a goal of writing a post for both Tight Fisted Miser and Bank Bonuses every day this month. That will be a total of 62 posts. I also plan to do some writing for my other blogs and perhaps even work on my book. Since I’m not working at a job right now I want to do something productive with at least some of my time.

7 thoughts on “September 2013 Month in Review”

  1. They say you can’t out train a bad diet. I have done a low carb diet since May and have lost 35 pounds. I’m running too, but I give the weight loss credit to eliminating processed foods and a most carbs from my diet. I still get carbs from veggies and fruits, but that’s it.

    Good job on the hike. I’d love to do the Katy Trail sometime.

    • I’ve done a lot of research on the low carb/slow carb diet and I think it would work for me. When I’ve tried the diet for a couple of times the initial results were good, but then I would resume drinking soda and go off the diet. If I can ever give up soda then I’m sure I could fix my diet and lose weight.

      • I gave up soda four years ago this December. I don’t miss it a bit. I drink cold water and ice tea, not much else. The key is to have a go to drink so you don’t miss the soda. I cut it out mostly because it doesn’t have anything good in it and I’m cheap, didn’t want to pay for something that is bad for me anyway. Now, I almost always get a complimentary water cup at restaurants.


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