September Income – $2304.71

Here is a breakdown of my income for September.

Online Income





Cash Back






September was a decent month for income.  Although my job ended in early September I still received two paychecks for the month, although one was only for a week.  My alternative sources of income didn’t contribute as much as usual.  Online income seems to be stuck at a low level and I’m not currently doing anything to change that so it will probably remain there.  I didn’t do any mystery shopping in August since I was busy working and had overtime available.  I will have mystery shopping income for October and I’ll probably get around to selling some stuff too.  Cash back is a nice extra source of income that mainly comes from Mr. Rebates.  October won’t be a great month for income since I don’t plan on getting a job during October and my alternative income and passive income doesn’t come close to the income I make from jobs.  I’ll look for a job in November.  My tax job starts in January, but I need to make money before that if I am to continue my 50% savings rate.

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