October 2012 Goals Update

Last month I set a couple of goals for October and stated that I would update my progress weekly. I forgot to include my goal progress in yesterday’s post so I’m sharing my goal progress now.

My two goals for October were to lose 5 pounds and write and publish a non-fiction book. I haven’t made much progress towards either one of those goals. Starting the new job and traveling back and forth to Kansas City contributed to my lack of progress but the goals are still achievable.

On the weight loss front the news isn’t all bad. I lost 2 pounds in September without really trying. I lost half a pound the first week of October despite eating too much junk food. I’m thinking the weight loss might be because I have successfully given up soda for the past three weeks and I no longer crave it. However, I’ve replaced the soda with sweet tea. Sweet tea does seem to be gentler on my stomach and doesn’t have the additives that soda does so I think it is at least a minimal improvement.

I haven’t been tracking my food intake like I planned. If I resume tracking my food and cut back on my sweet tea and junk food intake I should get back on track to lose 5 pounds this month. Getting back on track will be my goal for this week.

I haven’t written anything for my book. I did get a cover for the book made. That was just another way to put off actually writing the book. My new plan is to start my writing as soon as I get home in the evening. If I wait until later I never feel like actually writing.

I’ll let you know Sunday how I do on my goals this week.

8 thoughts on “October 2012 Goals Update”

  1. I’ve switched to drinking tea as well, unsweetened though, as well as a way to stay off of soda. I like it quite a bit and it helps me avoid all the sugar from soda. I figure that I’d rather eat my calories as opposed to drink them.

  2. Good for you setting goals like that. I drink alot of tea to be honest with you, probably 8 per day with a couple coffees. I don’t drink juice or sodas but I did at one point when I smoked drank pop. Keep up the hard work and not only will you achieve your goals you can do better than you set out to. Cheers Mr.CBB

  3. I love sweet tea. I will drop by 7-11 and pick up a bottle. I do prefer that over pop. I am not sure how good it is for you. Unsweetened tea is just to hard to take and usually I will put sugar into that. I figure sweet tea and then I won’t sweeten it too much. Good luck loosing weight. I am on a journey myself to loose as much as I can and get off of my insulin dependency.


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