Online Income Report – November 2011

Here is a breakdown of my online income for November 2011.

Google Adsense – $317.92

Affiliate Income – $367.75

Brokered Ads – $58.26

Direct Ads- $2866.85

Total – $3610.78

My online income was down a bit from the previous month but it is still pretty strong.  I’m trying to increase my affiliate income so I’m not so dependent on direct advertising.  I did make a little progress on that in November but I need to put a lot more work into it.  The amount of time I spend to make this income isn’t much, I need to start putting in forty-hour weeks to really increase my online income.  And I also need to develop some more sources of alternative income and invest some of the proceeds of my online income to increase my passive income.

15 thoughts on “Online Income Report – November 2011”

    • There are 3 sites that make up the majority of this site plus a couple more that contribute a little. There are also a couple sites that don’t contribute anything at all but I will hopefully get them making money eventually.

  1. Andy, you have such a busy schedule that I wonder how you get any time to post regularly. Would you be interested in a staffer to help out in this area? I’d be happy to do some sample posts…and show you my resume.

  2. That is a nice load of cash you are making there Andy. I couldn’t imagine making that much money from private advertising. I guess it just goes to show that you really need to try new things, all the time, right? Anyway, good luck increasing your affiliate income streams. I hate how everyone says “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”, but the saying is true.

    Diversification will really help you out if any single income stream dies for whatever reason. Good luck reaching your goals Andy, i’ll return shortly to see how you are doing!


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