November Income – $3713.69

Here is a breakdown of my income for November.

Online Income




Stock Dividends


Cash Back/Surveys




November was another great month for income.  My online income was only $100 less than my record month the month before.  I will be happy if I can maintain that level this month.  My long-term goal is to increase it even more though.

I’ve been concentrating on my online income and therefore I didn’t have any income in November from mystery shopping, bank bonuses, or selling stuff.  I know that I could always ramp those back up if my online income drops off.  I’d prefer to increase my passive income but that takes a little more time.  I plan on adding to my dividend stocks next year but right now I’m building up my cash.

There will also be income from our offline business this month but I don’t include that in my income totals.

An online income report breaking down my sources of online income will be posted on Friday.

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