November Expenses – $1838.86

Here is a breakdown of our expenses for November.





















Expenses in November were lower than October and below my goal of $2000.  Since we made that goal fairly easily I am going to bring back my old goal of $1750 in expenses for the month.  Other than needing to buy Christmas presents and a slightly higher electric bill all our expenses should be lower in December.

Our food expense was slightly lower than October but still well above the level I’d like.  We have spent over $400 on food each of the past two months which makes me think that my goal of $300 might be a stretch therefore I’m setting a goal of $350 for the month.

The transportation expense is the other area we can save money on.  We have had a car repair every month for the last few months plus insurance and registration the past couple of months.  This month I have to replace the turn signal lens that was broken in our car accident but am hoping there won’t be any other repairs. We also shouldn’t have to travel much and should be able to save on gas.

We will see how things turned out next month.


7 thoughts on “November Expenses – $1838.86”

  1. Good job on keeping your expenses low. In theory mine could be (except for what we’re throwing at the mortgage) but I’ve gotten out of the habit of trying to keep them low.

  2. If the taillight lens is all that’s broken, you can probably find a replacement either at the junkyard or online and install it yourself. Even if you’re all thumbs, often there is an online video or pictorial which will guide you.

    When my side-view mirrors both self-destructed two years ago, Toyota wanted about $300 each… versus $20 on Ebay for used.


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