Online Income Report – December 2010

Here is a breakdown of my online income for December 2010.

Google Adsense – $195.56

Affiliate Income – $1095

Brokered Ads – $49.88

Direct Ads – $171.36

Total – $1511.80

My online income was once again over $1000 in December.  This was by far my best year for making money online.  I came close to grossing five figures.  My goal for this year is to make a five figure profit.  It looks like I will have a pretty good start this month although I haven’t made much affiliate income for next month.  On the plus side I have picked up a couple more monthly text links which should help smooth out my income a tiny bit.

5 thoughts on “Online Income Report – December 2010”

  1. I wouldn’t be advertising the fact that you’re monetizing through Text Link Ads. The Google Police don’t like that so for your rankings sake it might be better to keep that fact on the down low.

    Just saying…

    • This is across several websites. I had one affiliate offer that performed very well in October and November. It has since dropped off dramatically. I wish I could figure out what I was doing before to make it work so well. I think the decline is due to the fact that most people that would be interested in the offer are already aware of it by now.


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