December Income – $1816.86

Here is a breakdown of my income for December.

Online Income




Stock Dividends


Mystery Shops


Bank Bonuses






It was a pretty good month for income.  My online income reached a new high.  If I could make that consistently I wouldn’t need to worry about a day job.  Since none of the income for the month was from a day job you might say I’m not worrying about the day job now.  My online income won’t be as high this month but it should still be over $1000 which I consider pretty good.

This month I’ll make more money from mystery shopping plus have job income.  Stock dividends will be down due to their quarterly nature.  There shouldn’t be any other big differences in my income.  My combination of alternative and passive income is working well and I plan to add to it this year.

12 thoughts on “December Income – $1816.86”

  1. Nice online income (mine is about $10/mo at the moment) – but how good it really is depends on how much time and effort went into earning this amount. A 40-hr/week ‘day job’ should be able to provide at least this much income per fortnight. So, did earning this monthly income take more than 20 hrs/week? If it took around 40 hrs/week its similar to a minimum wage job.

    • I don’t put in anywhere near 40 hours a week although I don’t keep track of my work time so I can’t come up with an exact figure. My guess is less than 20 hours a week depending on whether you count things like reading other personal finance blogs as work.

  2. Are there specific prior posts I can read for more details in how you are making this income. I would like to follow the steps you have taken, why reinvent the wheel when you already have done so? I want details on how you are making the online income, where you went to sign up for mystery shopping and surveys, what stocks you have, what company you are working for income tax preparing, bank bonuses, etc.

    • I don’t really have a step by step post. That will be project for another day. Most of my online income is from blogging and telling you how to do that takes more than a post.

      Visit for information on mystery shopping and surverys. Visit for more information on bank bonuses. That should get you started.

    • You can find lots of mystery shopping companies at Some of the companies I’ve shopped for are Marketforce, CRI, and Maritz. They all have worked okay for me so far.


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