3 thoughts on “Lose Weight and Save Money”

  1. My sister and brother are firm believers that being fit (aka thin) will save you a lot of money. They say clothes are cheaper. Also, your food budget will decrease significantly. I disagree about the food of course. Diet stuff are more expensive. But in the long run I guess you’ll save money because you won’t be going to those buffets. 😉

  2. People need to change their lifestyle, not go on a diet.
    Obese people have no clue what a normal serving size is.
    Simple ways to achieve lower weight and save money:
    Stop buying pop and chips and other junk food.
    Start using smaller dishes. Some bowls and plates are huge.
    Stop carrying money/credit with you when you go out. Less tempting to buy snack food/fast food.
    Take a snack and drink with you from home.
    Do not buy stuff you don’t like. Find something you do like, and see if you can maker it less fattening.
    Park at the end of the parking lot, so you need to walk farther. Take the stairs instead of elevator.
    Get a p/t job delivering newspapers. You get exercise and make money.
    Never eat in front of a tv or computer..unless it is celery/carrot stick/other low calorie snacks.
    Eat many small meals, instead of 3 larger…it increases metabolism
    Buy second hand clothes, while you lose weight, and donate the ones you outgrow.
    If you have a craving for something, have it, and be done with it. otherwise you will keep eating to satitisfy your craving.Make it a treat, once a week.


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