Reader Questions #1

This is the first of what I hope will become a weekly or monthly feature depending on the amount of interest shown where I will answer reader’s questions. I have consolidated and changed the questions some where I felt questions overlapped or just needed to be changed so I could make one answer to several questions.

How did you and your GF meet?

We met through eHarmony.  I read on Maggie Wang‘s blog how she met her husband through eHarmony and shortly after that I saw a deal for a free preview weekend and eHarmony and decided I should give it a try.  My GF was the first one I met through the service.  We hit it off pretty quickly so I canceled the service and didn’t bother meeting anyone else.

It was somewhat serendipitous that I signed up for the service and we met.  Maggie Wang’s blog is not a personal finance blog, although she occasionally posts on personal finance, and is not a blog I’d normally read.  I happened to click through from some PF blog to her site though and that eventually led to me signing up for eHarmony.

Why did you decide to hike,how are you planning it, and how does your GF feel about it?

The hike is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  I’ve already gone on two long hikes and it is one of  my lifetime goals to complete a through-hike of the Appalachian Trail.

Since I’ve already done two long hikes on the AT I am not doing much planning.  Most people seriously over plan for their hikes.  I just make sure I have enough food to get to the next resupply and make up the rest of my plans as I go along.

My GF is not wild about me going on this hike.  This was discussed when we very first started going out though and she agreed to it then.  I will be bringing a cell phone to keep in touch which I probably wouldn’t do if I didn’t have a GF back home.  We’ve reached a comprimise on this hike but any future adventures I have that require a long time apart will probably create a major problem.

What are your plans for after the hike?

This is still somewhat up in the air.  When I return I will get a job of some sort. I haven’t worked since last August and I’ll need to start earning some money.  Although I am burnt out on law right now I hope that whatever job I get utilizes my J.D. in some way.   At that time I’ll decide whether to sit for the February bar.  I will probably go ahead and take it just to give myself more options.

That isn’t all the questions but I’m going to save the rest for next week.  If you have any other questions or want clarification of any of my answers just leave a comment.

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  1. Very cool plans. I hiked the trail for a few days back in my time as Boy Scout and spent some time last summer with some folks traveling through near a vacation house we were staying at. Goodluck on your hike, my fiance is the same way about me skydiving again.


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