Book Giveaway: Nobody Wants a Million Dollars

I won the book “Nobody Wants a Million Dollars” in a giveaway at My Two Dollars last week and now I’m going to give it away also. It is a slender book and I was easily able to read it in a couple of hours this weekend. The subtitle explains what the book is about; viewing money as a personal finance tool instead of a life goal. The first part of the book covers that and the rest of the book is dedicated towards standard personal finance advice.

This giveaway will have the usual rules. Just leave a comment to enter and I will draw the winner at random this Friday.

**I accidentally deleted a couple of comments. If you left a comment and it isn’t here please comment again.

7 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Nobody Wants a Million Dollars”

  1. I don’t understand why someone would NOT want a million dollars….so I guess I will find out when I read the book.

    Please enter me for the drawing as well.

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