November Income- $630.09

Here is a breakdown of my income for November.

Online Income $369.03
Cash Back $22.40
Interest $12.77
Dividends $35.89
Medical Study $175.00
Surveys/Mystery shopping $15.00
Total $630.09

My income was down quite a bit from the previous month but that was mostly expected.  I did do some things to try to increase my income but any results will not be seen until this month. I count my income when I receive it, not when I make it.

I do have a new category this month for stock dividends.  I will be receiving dividends every month but the total will be lower this month since I won’t be receiving any quarterly or semi-annual dividends. Overall, my income will probably stay the same this month but I will try to increase it.

7 thoughts on “November Income- $630.09”

  1. Super Saver- My online income primarily consists of affiliate income,adsense, and paid text links.

    MoneyEnergy- Thanks.

    DGI- I think it will be a very long several years before I’m making $600/month in dividends. But I hope you’re right. I’m not sure that the companies I own will be able to continue to grow their dividends in the current market. I’m worried that some of them might decrease.

  2. Andy,

    As long as you keep saving and focusing on a balanced dividend growth/dividend yield approach you should be fine. $600/month in dividend income is about $7,200/year. If your average yield on cost is 7.2% that’s like $100K portfolio. Or if you have $25K now yielding 4%-5% and you have 12-18 years while reinvesting your proceeds you could achieve that.

    The most important part is diversification. Many investors seeking high income look only for the highest dividend yield. There are only a few secotrs that give high dividends. OVerexposing yourself to just a few sectors could be detrimental to your investment returns.


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