November Income- $630.09

Here is a breakdown of my income for November.

Online Income $369.03
Cash Back $22.40
Interest $12.77
Dividends $35.89
Medical Study $175.00
Surveys/Mystery shopping $15.00
Total $630.09

My income was down quite a bit from the previous month but that was mostly expected.  I did do some things to try to increase my income but any results will not be seen until this month. I count my income when I receive it, not when I make it.

I do have a new category this month for stock dividends.  I will be receiving dividends every month but the total will be lower this month since I won’t be receiving any quarterly or semi-annual dividends. Overall, my income will probably stay the same this month but I will try to increase it.

November Income Challenge Update

My goal for November was to do something every day to make extra money.  I’ve already fallen behind but if I do two or three things some days I’ll be able to make an average of one a day.  Here are some things I’ve done so far to make extra money:

  • Opened checking account for Bank Bonus
  • Online Survey
  • Associated Content article
  • Brokered ING Direct links
  • Added Adsense back to this site
  • Medical Study
  • Opened bank cd
  • Invested in stock

Some of these things will be done on multiple days.  I won’t be doing thirty different things to make extra money.  The rest of the month I’ll be concentrating on writing articles for Associated Content and eHow.  It would be nice if I could estabish these as recurring sources of extra income.

November Income Challenge

I decided not to work while I’m in school this semester.  The idea was I’d increase my side income to make up some of the loss of job income.  I have managed to increase my side income some but I should be doing much better.  The combination of laziness and procrastination has led me to not dedicate nearly enough of my spare time to making money.

In order to reverse that trend I’ve created a November Income Challenge for myself.  I’m going to do something to make money every day of the month.  Blogging won’t count.  It has to be something that will definitely make money.  Some examples are surveys, mystery shopping, writing for Associated Content, and bank bonuses.

I’ll post a roundup once a week or so of what I’ve done to make money.  For Thanksgiving and other days where I know I’ll be too busy to do any money-making activities I’ll do an extra money maker the day before or after.  I’ve had mixed success with challenging myself recently but I think I can meet this challenge.  If anyone else wants to do their own income challenge let me know and I’ll link to your results.

Making Money on the Side

One part of my plan to retire at 50 is to continue to make money on the side. That might more properly be called semi-retirement. However, if I don’t have to work and can make money when I choose to that is good enough for me.  Any money I earned would be to do things beyond my ordinary budget or to provide a larger cushion of savings.

There are many ways to make extra money.  I’ve covered a few of them with my alternative income ideas.  There are a lot of blog posts out there on how to make extra money.  Here are a few of them:

“Need extra income? Here are some ideas”  from MSN Smart Spending.

“11 Great Ways to Earn More Money” from Free Money Finance.

“5 Ways to Earn Extra Cash” from Get Rich Slowly.

“26 Ways to Earn Extra Money” from The Wisdom Journal.

Not all the ideas are non-job ways to make money but there should be a few ideas there that will work for you.  If you focus on thinking of ways to earn extra money more ideas will probably come to you.