Making Money on the Side

One part of my plan to retire at 50 is to continue to make money on the side. That might more properly be called semi-retirement. However, if I don’t have to work and can make money when I choose to that is good enough for me.  Any money I earned would be to do things beyond my ordinary budget or to provide a larger cushion of savings.

There are many ways to make extra money.  I’ve covered a few of them with my alternative income ideas.  There are a lot of blog posts out there on how to make extra money.  Here are a few of them:

“Need extra income? Here are some ideas”  from MSN Smart Spending.

“11 Great Ways to Earn More Money” from Free Money Finance.

“5 Ways to Earn Extra Cash” from Get Rich Slowly.

“26 Ways to Earn Extra Money” from The Wisdom Journal.

Not all the ideas are non-job ways to make money but there should be a few ideas there that will work for you.  If you focus on thinking of ways to earn extra money more ideas will probably come to you.

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