3 thoughts on “What Should You Do With Your Money Now?”

  1. I have just finished paying off all of my consumer debt and I am in the process of saving 3 to 6 months of expenses in an emergency fund. Once I am done with that I will be investing in the stock market again.

    In the long run, we have to believe that our stock market will recover. How long will that take? Maybe 10 years, or even 20? I will, hopefully, retire in 30 years, so maybe I will get to buy stocks at a discount for a few years before the market rebounds. As long as you do not need the money now, a down market is not the end of the world….

    That is unless the US Government decides to bail out every failing financial institution AND eliminates short selling (to protect the losers from losing more – so Un-Capitalistic)…. Oh wait, I think they did!


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