November Income Challenge Update

My goal for November was to do something every day to make extra money.  I’ve already fallen behind but if I do two or three things some days I’ll be able to make an average of one a day.  Here are some things I’ve done so far to make extra money:

  • Opened checking account for Bank Bonus
  • Online Survey
  • Associated Content article
  • Brokered ING Direct links
  • Added Adsense back to this site
  • Medical Study
  • Opened bank cd
  • Invested in stock

Some of these things will be done on multiple days.  I won’t be doing thirty different things to make extra money.  The rest of the month I’ll be concentrating on writing articles for Associated Content and eHow.  It would be nice if I could estabish these as recurring sources of extra income.

3 thoughts on “November Income Challenge Update”

  1. Wouldn’t it be more profitable for you if you wrote these articles on your blogs rather than on ehow or assoc. content?

    They do pay you a portion of adsense earnings, but they also have other monetization sources so they are essentially making money off you.


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