November Expenses- $1027.14

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for November.

Household $530.00
Transportation $127.09
Food $33.31
Entertainment $212.47
Debt/Education $90
Phone $34.27
Total $1027.14

I just missed my target of $1000 for monthly expenses.  My household expenses were high because they include Christmas shopping.  I have very little shopping left to do this month so my household expenses will decrease.  Entertainment was way too high for the month.  Now that I have the gambling bug out of my system this expense will be significantly reduced.  I did manage to get my food expense lower and plan to maintain this expense at the same level this month.  My food expense only includes lunches out or snacks that I buy.  I plan to get rid of my car this month so my transportation expense will decrease.  The total for November is artificially high because it includes payment of my auto insurance.  I will get back most of that when I cancel my insurance after I get rid of my car.  I expect to get my expenses well under $1000 this month, I just have to make sure Christmas or other unexpected expenses don’t get out of hand.

2 thoughts on “November Expenses- $1027.14”

  1. Well you could decrease your entertainment expense and increase your food expense. What you put in your body is important, as it keeps you healthy.

    As for the transportation expense, has the low gas prices helped at all?


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