October Income- $709.64

Here is a breakdown of my income for October.

Online Income $475.59
Bonuses $200
Interest $20.95
Surveys/Cashback $13.10
Total $709.64

My income was pretty good considering I didn’t work.  This is all alternative income. I’m going to have a tough time matching this in November.  I count my income when it is paid rather than when it is earned so I know that this month’s Adsense payment will be considerably less.  It is also unlikely that I’ll make anywhere near $200 in bonuses. I hope to make up some of that elsewhere but it will be difficult.  I’m going to have to come up with some new income ideas or put more work into the existing ideas.

9 thoughts on “October Income- $709.64”

  1. Good stuff.. any particular reason you choose not to work this semester? I have thought about this option many times but I simply can not do it. I tell myself I will take time off from work to focus on school but I still end up doing everything last minute..

    I would like to talk to you more, if you get a minute I would greatly appreciate an email..

    Keep up the good work

  2. The reason I’m not working is because I wanted to see if I could make enough money online to replace my job income. I’m not doing that yet but I’m getting there. Since my expenses are low it easy for me to cover any shortfall in my income from savings.

    I’ve gained a lot of spare time from not having a job but unfortunately I haven’t been very successful in dedicating that time to school work and earning more income.


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