October Expenses- $1157.51

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for October.

Household $418.29
Transportation $131.61
Food $73.85
Entertainment $152.87


Utilities $64.97
Health Insurance $200.92
Total $1157.51

My overall expense level was reasonable. I didn’t meet my goal of $1000 a month in expenses. That goal would have been met though if I didn’t have my quarterly health insurance payment of $200. I did spend way too much on food. I ate out almost every day which not only cost me money but caused me to gain weight and wasted a lot of time. I’ll have to do better on that this month. My entertainment expenses were a little high this month but I’m not concerned about that. My other expenses should remain about the same this month. One possible exception is if I do some Christmas shopping this month that will be reflected in my household expenses.

3 thoughts on “October Expenses- $1157.51”

  1. Jonathan- I live with my GF, she probably wouldn’t want to be considered a roommate. My household expenses were about the same before I moved in with her though.

    lulugal11- I really need to remember to explain my food expense. People were confused by it last month too. I live with my GF and she buys all the groceries. When we eat out together I consider that an entertainment expense. The $73 is what I spent on lunches out and snacks for myself. That is definitely too high when I could have an expense of $0.


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