WaMu Canceled My Credit Card

As I was warned might happen WaMu canceled my credit card due to inactivity. I hadn’t used the card in over a year and utilized the account only for checking on my credit score. Although I was warned the card might be canceled for inactivity I decided to not use the card and let WaMu close it if they wanted to. I wasn’t going to use the card just to keep getting the free credit score. As it turns out this decision was irrelevant because my account had already been closed. I didn’t know it yet because I get all my correspondence for that card at my mom’s address. It was my newest card so the closing shouldn’t hurt my credit score much and I won’t know how it affects my credit score because I don’t have access to my free credit score anymore.

November Credit Score

My credit score for November was 729 up from 722 the month before.  My credit score seems to be staying in the 720 range the past few months which makes sense since I am not doing anything that should have much effect on my credit.  720 or better is considered good credit so this is good enough for me.  I don’t plan on borrowing any money but it can be helpful to have good credit regardless.

I receive my credit score for free from one of my credit card companies.  I never use that particular card anymore.  The only reason I ever sign in to my account is to see my latest credit score.

September Credit Score

My credit score for this month went up to 731 from 725 last month.  My credit score has been going up steadily the past few months after it went down earlier this year when I used a balance transfer from a credit card to pay down one of my student loans.  I don’t plan on using my credit any time soon but having a high credit score can also affect how much you pay for insurance and other things  and if I do decide to apply for more credit having a high credit score should make it cheaper .  I get my credit score for free with my credit card from WaMu.