WaMu Canceled My Credit Card

As I was warned might happen WaMu canceled my credit card due to inactivity. I hadn’t used the card in over a year and utilized the account only for checking on my credit score. Although I was warned the card might be canceled for inactivity I decided to not use the card and let WaMu close it if they wanted to. I wasn’t going to use the card just to keep getting the free credit score. As it turns out this decision was irrelevant because my account had already been closed. I didn’t know it yet because I get all my correspondence for that card at my mom’s address. It was my newest card so the closing shouldn’t hurt my credit score much and I won’t know how it affects my credit score because I don’t have access to my free credit score anymore.

6 thoughts on “WaMu Canceled My Credit Card”

  1. The same thing happened to me. But I just went and looked and I can still see my score. I don’t know long that will last. My card was closed in mid November and my score was updated this month.

    Hopefully it lasts for a while. 🙂

  2. Actually you can get a free credit report once every six months from any of the major credit bureaus. Just go to their website and request one. They mail it to your home address.

  3. Knowledglady- I belive you can only get one free credit report a year from the bureaus. Although you can spread it out so you’re getting one every 4 months. I was getting my credit score for free though, not my credit report. You still have to pay to get a credit score.

  4. The failed business Wamu closed my account too because of inactivity. It’s probably my fault for not using it for years but that was my oldest credit account and now my score will be screwed for basically doing nothing wrong.

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