Online Income Report – May 2010

When I share my monthly income totals people often ask for more details about my online income. To satisfy people’s curiosity I am now going to have a monthly report detailing how I made my online income. For the month of May I made $580.69 in online income. I am counting the money I actually received, not the money I earned but will be paid later. Most money I earn online is paid the next month so any efforts I make to increase my online income this month will not actually show up until the next month. Here is breakdown of my sources of income.

Google Adsense  –  $346.81

Text Links –              $42.26

Direct Ad Sales –    $71.47

Affiliate Sales –       $120.15

Since my Adsense is paid a month after I earn it I already know it is going to be down significantly this month.  My affiliate sales are going to be up significantly though and will more than offset the Adsense decline.  Going forward I plan to keep my affiliate sales up and build my Adsense back up as well.  I would like my other sources of income to be larger than Adsense in order to be less dependent on Adsense for income.  The Adsense income seems to fluctuate quite a bit and I usually can’t figure out what is causing the changes.  If there is any other information about my online income you would like to know, just ask.  I’m willing to hear any tips you have for increasing my online income too.

Google Adsense Revenue Going Down?

Since we have decided to do roundups for the Frugal Blog Network on a monthly basis now I am going to post on blogging related topics on Sundays now. I know many of my readers are bloggers and I hope these posts will be of at least some interest to the non-bloggers.

I have noticed the amount I receive per click from Adsense is way down this month. The amount I receive per click is a little less than half what I have been receiving. Maybe this is due to the economic downturn and advertisers are just bidding less on clicks. The big drop has been on one of my other blogs Bank Bonuses. Considering banks and financial institutions are struggling it would make sense that they are paying less for advertising. That site also went from PR2 to PR0 and I’m wondering if that had any effect.

I’m considering cutting down the number of ads I have on the site on the theory that only higher paying ads will be left and more people will click on higher paying ads. The other thing I’m considering is blocking the sites that I think are paying less per click through the competitive ad filter. Has anyone tried doing these things and what were your results? Is anyone else receiving much less per click than before?

I’d really like to know. Thanks.