Online Income Report – May 2010

When I share my monthly income totals people often ask for more details about my online income. To satisfy people’s curiosity I am now going to have a monthly report detailing how I made my online income. For the month of May I made $580.69 in online income. I am counting the money I actually received, not the money I earned but will be paid later. Most money I earn online is paid the next month so any efforts I make to increase my online income this month will not actually show up until the next month. Here is breakdown of my sources of income.

Google Adsense  –  $346.81

Text Links –              $42.26

Direct Ad Sales –    $71.47

Affiliate Sales –       $120.15

Since my Adsense is paid a month after I earn it I already know it is going to be down significantly this month.  My affiliate sales are going to be up significantly though and will more than offset the Adsense decline.  Going forward I plan to keep my affiliate sales up and build my Adsense back up as well.  I would like my other sources of income to be larger than Adsense in order to be less dependent on Adsense for income.  The Adsense income seems to fluctuate quite a bit and I usually can’t figure out what is causing the changes.  If there is any other information about my online income you would like to know, just ask.  I’m willing to hear any tips you have for increasing my online income too.

6 thoughts on “Online Income Report – May 2010”

  1. Ok, I’ll bite on this, I don’t see a bunch of ads on your blog, and I believe 3 are linked to direct sales, google adsense, direct ad sales and affiliate sales. What gives, and how do you make this sales?

    • Marilyn – I have three other sites besides this one that provide me with online income and the bulk of my income is generated on those sites. I do have Google ads on this site but right now they should only show up if you are viewing a single post. Direct ad sales are when an advertiser contacts me directly to place an ad on the site. These are usually just links and aren’t very noticeable. The ones I have on this site right now are embedded in older posts. If you were to open one of the savings accounts I have listed in my sidebar I would make some money from that as an affiliate. Or if you clicked on an Amazon link in one of my posts and ordered a book I would make some affiliate income. I don’t make much affiliate income from this site but I am trying to increase it but I don’t want my posts to look like I’m trying to sell something all the time either. The reason you don’t see too many ads on this blog is because I consider it more of my personal blog and don’t want to turn people off with a bunch of ads.

  2. Try a 160×600 adsense block on the middle pane and change the top adsense block to a 468×60. But Adsense fluctuates with vendor demand and so it is really out of our control. For PF based blogs Dec – Apr tend to be the best months since around year end and tax time when most people tend to think of money related things. Aim for a $5 eCPM with adsense and you will be doing well.

    • I will try that. I am going to test different sizes and placements until I find something that works. My other sites do make over a $5 eCPM but this site doesn’t quite make that.

    • Some of it depends on the site. This blog makes almost nothing from Adsense. I’ve experimented with having it and not having it and putting it in different places but nothing makes much difference.


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