Google Adsense Revenue Going Down?

Since we have decided to do roundups for the Frugal Blog Network on a monthly basis now I am going to post on blogging related topics on Sundays now. I know many of my readers are bloggers and I hope these posts will be of at least some interest to the non-bloggers.

I have noticed the amount I receive per click from Adsense is way down this month. The amount I receive per click is a little less than half what I have been receiving. Maybe this is due to the economic downturn and advertisers are just bidding less on clicks. The big drop has been on one of my other blogs Bank Bonuses. Considering banks and financial institutions are struggling it would make sense that they are paying less for advertising. That site also went from PR2 to PR0 and I’m wondering if that had any effect.

I’m considering cutting down the number of ads I have on the site on the theory that only higher paying ads will be left and more people will click on higher paying ads. The other thing I’m considering is blocking the sites that I think are paying less per click through the competitive ad filter. Has anyone tried doing these things and what were your results? Is anyone else receiving much less per click than before?

I’d really like to know. Thanks.

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  1. I have actually seen my daily revenue go up (knock on wood) this month. I did not check the cost per click but after not getting enough in November to get a payout I made the payout for January before the month ended.

    I guess more people are looking for ways to save money so I am getting more clicks to my site now.

  2. lulugal11-My clicks have been up because my traffic has been up by revenue will still be down.

    SonyaAnn- It took me a long time before I started making money with Adsense.

    shoyu- Thanks for the tip. I love free food.

  3. I came to this site from a link to another post and then I saw this post. I too have noticed my revenue done on Adsense… it is discouraging. I did join tagfoot and found that channel has had great success so far with higher than average earnings.

    I also use a number of additional affiliate programs to help offset or compliment adsense that are working ok.

    I am addicted to Squidoo which also uses adsense but I do not know exactly how much revenue comes directly from adsense since it is spread around to all lensmasters from Squidoo. Either way I have benefited from being a lensmaster with Squidoo (Teddi14).

    I hope the low numbers with adsense is temporary and revenue goes back up. I guess the bad economy is affecting adsense too!!


  4. Looking for the same topic on Google and i stumbled in your post. My site is experiencing the same issue. Actually, this month is seeing an increase in the number of clicks, but odd to say, my revenues have decreased! I dont know what the matter is. As far as PR is concerned i still want to point out that it has NOTHING to do with either SERP or Adsense revenues. Yes, less ads is more revenue in Adsense. Anyway in this blog i see that you have just a couple of ads, so it is ok. one thing i have noticed is that you MUST place at least an ads on the left. Dont forget that human eye start reading from the left. Color is ok, well blended if you know what i am talking about. Also, remove the “hard to see” ads on top of the title and place an ads AFTER the title. have a look at my site to understand. Gotta go scouring the web for the right solution. good luck!

  5. You are spot on, the pay per clickers are down 60% my clicks only pay abot 10 cents per, now thay only pay 2 to 4 cents, with 6000 clicks a month that hurts, Im looking for better ways to monitize my sites now, it was just a matter of time before this economy trickeled down to webmasters.

  6. About three years I use Google adsense and every year google has low revenue in about two months… my example: I earn 10$ per day when everything is normal but now not even 5$. I think that, when they are doing maintenance something goes wrong… don’t know what exactly is but I hope that will be like in the past… I am sorry to say, but I have to, adsense is not stable in some period of the year and that’s now… hope this end in april… greets!

    • Ladies and gentlemen, Big G gets you when lull times like that happens. I did notice the same on my site, I am getting 20,000 impressions per month with 8 to 10% ctr, but I have noticed that earning has dropped about 10% starting this month. I am doing more fact findings and I will post up what I have found. Do not panic and do foolish moves. With my experience, as usual, all you have to do is keep building good content, and good incoming links. I also been noticing e-commerce websites are getting hammered more as vs informative websites. My thoughts…thanks

  7. Yes, I have noticed adsense going down along with Ebay commissions. I think it has all gone down along with the whole market. For those that aren’t experimenting with adsense placement I can say that is makes a huge difference where and how you place the ad.

  8. I noticed that adwords/adsense is actually paying out way less to publishers than what they used to. Advertisors still pay the same, but you get less. How do I know? I spent money on adwords campaigns on my own site. I got 10 cent whilst paying 1 dollar… figure that!

  9. The same thing here.
    I used to make $20 a day, and it has been going down for months…. every month is the lower and lower… Now I am lucky if I get to earn $5 a day… this month the average is $3.4 a day.
    In my personal opinion, there are two aspects created this trend, the economic turn down, and it is not just that advertisers are paying less (lets remember that there is always a minimum bid for most keywords), I think Google is paying less for click; and the second is that I really think that people know what those ad are just that ADS, and it may be creating some sort of rejection… I used to click on those ads my self in the past… but not anymore, because I know that those may not be relevant… you know.
    I may be taking Google Adsense off my site… for if this continues like this, I am not gonna make a cent

  10. Thanks for your article about “the state of AdSense profitability”, or so to speak.

    In my opinion, AdSense isn’t faring as well, revenuewise, since their acquisition of the CPM clearinghouse DoubleClick.

    Since at least February of 2009, publishers from the world over have seen a dramatic decrease in their eCPM and it’s most likely because the low paying CPM-based inventory that was carried over from DoubleClick.

    There might be other explanations, too…

  11. Yes, I agree… since last year I found a noticable decrease of adsense earnings… I really think that the % that Google share with the publishers was decreasing, even if the economic situation is not so good anyway…
    But if it goes down like this every month I will search for something else to put in my site…

  12. My friend had me check his stats from his pretty busy site, since he couldnt make sense of the decrease in earnings…

    Turns out his clicks are down … and we are blaming the adsense blindness… with so many sites and the fact that the ads stand out with the google bold issue…. people are avoiding them…

  13. Hi,

    Im trying to figure out how adsence do their stats i look at my stats in my cpanel and compare them with adsence and their is a big difference in visits between my stats and adsence mine are much higher then adsence can any one shed some light on the subject for me. i’m not looking at hits but visits as hits are always high and arn’t very accurate

  14. I’ve noticed my ad revenue going down too. I think the bubble has just burst with Adsense for the same reason it does with any affiliate/publisher program. Too many people are doing it, and viewers have become desensitized.

    What we need is new ad options like linked words and specific product graphics with “buy this” buttons and the like, but I doubt we’re going to get any.

    I have a couple of sites where people have written me emails to ask me where to get certain products. There’s a huge market that Adsense is just not reaching because they’re behind the times. If someone looks up power tools in a search, they actually want to see ads especially with the best deals on the products.

    Ah well…It was good while it lasted. I’m done annoying my readers with so many ads. I’ll have a few strategically placed for their benefit because they are actually looking for various products, but that’s about it.

  15. I know this is an old topic but I didn’t join adsense until February 2010 – so I can’t really say anything about a change during the previous period but I’m glad I joined! I am curious to know … has it gotten any better for you now ?


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