November Income – $587.45

Here is a breakdown of my income for November.

Cash Back$76.06
Amazon Merch$8.64
Mystery Shop$22
Other Selling$21.09

November was not a good income month as my job didn’t have any work for me all month. When I return from Thailand I will try to find another job with more reliable work.

Dividend income came in at $22.62

Interest income was $162.09. This was helped by moving some money to a slightly higher interest paying account.

I received $76.06 in cash back.

I received $8.64 from Amazon Merch. It isn’t much but since it is all passive income now it is still a good deal.

I made $158.21 in job income. My project ended during the last part of October and I didn’t get another project in November.

I made $22 from mystery shopping. I also got a free meal. I did a lot more mystery shopping in November which will be reflected in December’s income.

I made $106.74 from eBay and $21.09 from other selling.

I made $10 from surveys. I did a lot more surveys in November, but I’m not counting them as income until I cash them out this month.

How was your month?

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