November Expenses – $1488.84

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for November.


November’s expenses were a little higher than normal. That was to be expected after a couple of months of unusually low expenses.

Entertainment expense was for one month Amazon Prime subscription, one month Hulu, one month Paramount Plus, and a lottery ticket.

Rent was $115 for our apartment in Chiang Mai.

My only transportation expense was $130.85 for gas. I did a lot of driving during the month, but the lower gas prices kept this expense at a reasonable level.

My food expense was $64.25 That is divided between $25.54 for groceries and $38.71 for restaurants. I doubt I’ll ever get my food expense that low again. I managed to have fast food or takeout 20 times for $38.71. That comes out to $1.94 a meal. I took advantage of some free gift cards, a couple of half price gift cards, and lots of other deals to get my food so cheap.

I didn’t have a phone bill in November. This month I will get Thai phone service so I will have a small phone bill.

Utilities came in at $157.57. This was for electric, water, and internet at my U.S. residence. A new internet company is available in my town and the competition resulted in my current internet company drastically reducing their price. I overpaid my internet bill to take advantage of an Amex $5 back on $50+ offer.

The household expense was for flossers, socks, clips, and a document scan.

Travel expense included $99 for an American Airlines card annual fee. $44.32 in taxes and fees on an award ticket from Japan to LAX. I also paid $40 for my Thai visa and $31 for travel insurance.

I provided $318.98 of support to my wife. She was out of work for a few days and she also needed to get her phone repaired so this expense was higher than usual.

The Visa category expense was $445 for two fees I paid to the U.S. government for my wife’s visa to come to the United States. We are slowly making progress. I’m hopeful she will be here by spring of next year.

This month’s expenses will probably be about the same. Since I will be traveling, and will maybe have to pay more on my wife’s visa it is hard to predict how much I will spend.

How was your month?

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