2024 Goals

As 2023 comes to a close, it is time to make some goals for 2024. I haven’t accomplished a lot the past couple of years. I plan to change that in 2024.

My first goal is to add $10,000 to my savings. I intend to put most of that in a Roth IRA and the rest in a taxable account. Since I’ve been spending half of my time in Thailand the last couple of years, I haven’t made a lot of money. My wife should get to come to the U.S. sometime this spring. Once she is here I will focus on making and saving more money.

My second goal is to lose weight. In January 2022 I got my weight down to 188.2 pounds. My goal for 2024 is to weigh less than that. If I manage to get under 188 pounds with quite a bit of the year left I will shoot for a secondary goal of weighing under 180 pounds. I’m not sure when I last weighed under 180 pounds. It was probably sometime in the early 90’s. Getting my weight down that much would be a big accomplishment. I would have to get my weight down to 176 pounds for my BMI to no longer be in the overweight range. I currently weight 204.6 so I’ve got a long way to go.

In January, I will walk 5000 steps a day, cut out potato chips and other salty snacks, and increase my consumption of salads and fruit, in order to make progress towards my weight loss goal.

My third goal is to run a half marathon or marathon. I will start with training for the half marathon. If my knees hold up, I will train for a full marathon. I used to like running and I want to get where I enjoy running again. I won’t start training for this goal until the end of January when I return to the U.S.

There are some more goals I would like to accomplish, but for now I will just leave it at three goals so I can concentrate on them. If I have too many goals, I end up not working on any of them. With just three goals, and the second and third goal being complementary to each other it shouldn’t be difficult to focus on my goals.

That is what I have for now. I will provide updates as I make progress. What are your goals for the next year?

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